Wednesday, 6 Jul 2022

Dj Drops Female Voice

Dj Drops Female Voice. Here you can listen to some samples of custom made intros. You’re in the mix with dj name.

Jamaican Female DJ Drops Custom Voice Over 2 Days Delivery from

Get your custom dj drops recorded by a real yaad girl today. From $ 25.00 $ 75.00. Mixtape mashup with dj name.

Choose From 1, 3, 5, Or 10 Drops.

Female dj drops (voice only) posted by mike russell. We want to be sure to get your drops exactly how you want them, so you sound amazing! Check out the audio samples above to get an idea of what your order will sound like (in terms of vocal style and quality) about the voice artist.

Fully Mastered, Delivered In 320 Mp3 Format And.

From $ 25.00 $ 75.00. From $ 20.00 $ 60.00. Simply provide us your custom script/words or.

Playing The Hottest Joints It’s Dj Name.

Ready to purchase your female drops? Choose from 1, 3, 5, or 10 fully custom dry dj or radio drops. You can add phonetic spelling, or send us an audio recording, if you’d like.

The Best Female Voice On The Internet To Make All Your Dj Drops And Dj Intros The Hottest Around.

They consist of the following scripts: From $ 15.00 $ 25.00. You provide the scripts (15 words or less for each drop) give us directions on the feel and sound you're looking for (energetic, sexy, sexy seductive, etc) our female voice talent is fluent in both english and spanish.

Get Your Custom Dj Drops Recorded By A Real Yaad Girl Today.

Mendy’s voice is used by top djs. You’re in the mix with dj name. You can choose 2 of the following lines: