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How To Insert A Foley Catheter Female

How To Insert A Foley Catheter Female. Once reached, attach the urine bag and secure it. If there is already a catheter in place, remove it by deflating the balloon(the balloon is what holds the catheter in place inside the bladder).

Foley Catheter Insertion Female How to Insert a Foley Catheter
Foley Catheter Insertion Female How to Insert a Foley Catheter from

Take the foleys catheter and dip it in lubricant jelly. Discard the cotton ball after use into the plastic bag, not crossing the sterile field. Pick up the catheter with your sterile dominant hand.

If The Patient Is Female, Hold The Labia Open And Insert The Catheter Into The Urethral Meatus.

With the tip pointed at a slightly upward angle, and insert. The catheter is held in place with a small balloon inflated with sterile water. Urinary catheterization, a core nursing procedure, involves introducing a thin, long, flexible sterile tube into a patient’s bladder through the urethra in order to draw urine.

If The Patient Experiences Any Pain Or Discomfort, Stop The Procedure And Seek Medical Advice.

The direction and length of catheter inserted relates to the anatomy of the female genitourinary tract (fig 2) (dougherty and lister, 2015). Once reached, attach the urine bag and secure it. Using aseptic technique, open the outer plastic wrap to form a sterile field and place the underpad beneath the patient, plastic side down.

Open The Foley Kit, Remove The Package From The Plastic Bag.

The person inserting or assisting with the insertion of the catheter should wash his or her hands well with soap and running water and dry. Use a soapy cloth to clean the tip of your penis. A flexible catheter is passed retrograde through the urethra into the bladder.

Holding The Catheter Loosely, Insert It Into The Urethral Opening Of A Female Patient.

Make sure child is on the clean diaper or towel and the genitalia are clean of stool. Open the foley kit, remove the package from the plastic bag. Before beginning any catheterization procedure make sure to properly identify the patient, wash your hands, and that all the supplies are handy.

Remove Foley Catheter From Wrap And Lubricate Catheter.

Assist patient into appropriate position. This how to video demonstrates how to do a female foley catheter insertion. With a downward stroke cleanse the right labia minora and discard the swab, repeat for left labia minora, and with the last swab stick cleanse the