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The Most Dangerous Game Climax. The climax comes at the end of the story when rainsford confronts zaroff in his room. What is the most dangerous game about?

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In this lesson, we'll discuss the exposition and rising action of richard connell's famous story 'the most dangerous game.'. The story is set in first person view, because rainsford was telling the story. This is by far the most tense and suspenseful part of the story, and the moments after this are not nearly as heart pounding.

The Climax Of The Most Dangerous Game Comes When Rainsford Jumps Into The Ocean.

Climax the host with the most. The main conflict of the stoy was that zaroff was trying to kill rainsford. Discover the height of the story's tension by understanding the hunt and rainsford's fate.

The Climax Is The Highest Point Of Tension, Which Is Then Followed By The Falling Action.

The conflict in the most dangerous game is man vs. The most dangerous game, or the hounds of zaroff. It kills one of zaroff's dogs.

However, He Soon Learns That To Leave, He Must Win A Game Where He Is The Prey!

He sets three traps to outwit the general, ivan, and his bloodthirsty hounds. The climax of the most dangerous game is when rainsford kills ivan and escapes from zaroff by jumping off the cliff. So we have a little reversal of fortunes here, as rainsford now finds himself in the position of the prey.

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The mood story is hardly shocking to the reader of the 21st century. Answered by jill d #170087 9 years ago 12/5/2012 4:42 am. Key facts about the most dangerous game.

The Climax Of The Story The Most Dangerous Game Is When ZarrofÂ??S Character Decided That He Wanted To Hunt Rainsford.

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